/ A|M Candles Scent List

Lavender spa: Containing pure lavender essential oil, this soothing and relaxing blend is reminiscent of a day at the spa.


Lavender, Chamomile & Vanilla: A sensual and soothing blend of fresh French lavender and vanilla bean.


Lemongrass & Ginger: Stimulating and sensual - evoking the tranquil beauty of an exotic eastern garden. Top notes of tangy lemongrass, Sicilian lemons and juicy limes lead into a heart of spicy ginger root and grated nutmeg, with a hint of refreshing eucalyptus.


Peony & Blush suede: A fruity floral fragrance with notes of peony and red apple, followed by hearty notes of rose, jasmine and carnation. The fragrance is completed with soft notes of violet and plum and rich notes of musks and dry amber.


Vanilla Anise: An oriental fragrance with leading notes of orange, lemon, and anise. With a heart of freesia, vetiver and gingerbread, the fragrance comes together with a base of precious woods, musk, vanilla and tonka.


Rhubarb and Strawberry: A perfect fruity fragrance. Not too sweet and not too sour, this fragrance combines freshly picked strawberries and pink rhubarb on a surprisingly complex base.


Coconut Island: A tropical cocktail of blue skies and golden shores, this fragrance will whisk you away on a dream holiday. Opening with the sweet aroma of fresh pineapple and juicy orange that leads into a creamy coconut core encased by soft almond and peach tones. The cool coconut breeze continues as the fragrance comes to rest on an indulgent bed of caramel


Fresh Linen: A powdery, musky floral accord with violet, orange blossom along with refreshing green hints and jasmine and lily.


Crazy Chocolate orange: A mouth-watering medley of silky melted chocolate and tangy orange.


Pumpkin spice: Smooth pumpkin aroma with the warm, spicy notes of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon.


Christmas Spice: A stunning, spicy Christmas composition. Warming notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove underpin a glazed orange heart.


Gingerbread: This fragrance is going to be a firm favourite!  It's got the Gingerbread and the spice without being too sickly sweet.  A future festive favourite. 


Zesty Orange: A super strong zesty orange fragrance that will not disappoint.


Cinnamon, Frankincense & Cedarwood: This sultry and seductive fragrance helps to create a warm ambience. The complex blend of Cinnamon, Clove and Myrrh are enriched with intense notes of Cedarwood, Amber and Frankincense.


Spiced Chocolate Macaroons: A modern twist on Christmas. Spiced macaroons smothered in chocolate powder make this scent good enough to eat.