Lily London X /A|M Candles

”Every time you see these blooms, remember someone is thinking of you”



Looking for inspiration for a gift? We won’t disappoint you!

Find the perfect flower for your important day!

Handmade just for you.

Luxurious, elegant, and affordable.

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Peony Bag

Let us introduce you to your new favorite Peony Bag.

Our newest drops are the perfect gift for any occasion or to treat yourself. Get yours TODAY.

For you to carry on being you.

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Bella Vita

Embrace flower power today with these vibrant collections.

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Lily London

  • Luxury Flowers

    Lily London Boxes are handcrafted from high-quality artificial silk flowers. Each box has it's own character. As each flower hat box gift is handcrafted, each one may differ slightly or contain a range of various flowers. Ideal as a gift, decoration, or table centrepiece.

  • The Perfect Bag

    Who doesn't appreciate a bouquet? The majority of our boxes arrive in a lovely gift bag. It is depending on the Flower Box's size. Every package is wrapped in gorgeous white paper and decorated with our charming tag and a lovely note.

  • With Love

    We aim to be a lasting memory for you. Our boxes have a long lifetime. We want you to remember that whenever you look at these flowers, someone is thinking of you.

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/ A|M Candles

  • / A|M Candles

    Our goal is to remind you of the importance of self-care. In this fast-paced world, we all deserve to unwind and take some time for ourselves. Light a candle and enjoy the blissful relaxation.

  • Soy wax

    / A|M Candles made entirely of soy wax. We only utilize natural ingredients. Our bath bombs are vegan, SLS-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Our Himalayan salt is made completely of natural ingredients, including flowers.

  • High Quality Glass

    We exclusively use Italian-made glass of the highest quality. Every candle includes a lid. Scents may be added to any of our candles.

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